Google Advertising

I guess this is the most obvious revenue model for But I dont like it. I dont like it because I believe that advertising is of dubious value on the Internet. Ambisonicbootlegs is also a small traffic (relatively speaking) high niche site, meaning that advertising on the site is likely to have considerable value for certein niche products like Surround Sound microphones (eg. the Soundfield).

I’m not sure how well Google advertising performs for highly niche sites. I suspect it is not so good.

Ofcourse, traffic on Ambisonicbootlegs has the potential to be rather large. Given that the home theatre market is thin on the ground for good surround ‘content’, and frankly, some of the material that is posted on AmbisonicBootlegs is of stunning world class quality. The site has the potential to become a self-regulated publishing platform for anyone who wants to get their surround wares ‘out there’ and earn some cash whilst doing so… well, at least that’s my aim.
To access those larger masses, I have to build a ‘distribution’ pipe to them. This, I am thinking about and plan to do. But first I want a small revenue model to get me off the ground, get me earning something so that I can put that revenue back into building up the site.

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