The real DRM issue will be the DRM that relates to UGC.

Check out this page about DRM. It is about a ‘Conference on Copyright, Digital Rights Management Technologies, and Consumer Protection’.

My question is… what is the relationship between User Generated Content and Digital Rights Management?

When people think DRM, they usually think RIAA and protecting the interests commercial music acts like Metallica. But what of all the user generated content on Youtube? Are the rights of those users (“artists”) respected? Is the worth of youtube not, in fact, all the content that is on there?

For a start, I predict that DRM will become a non-issue for the RIAA as soon as the masses realise that there is as much Creative Commons music out there, as there is tightly copyrighted mainstream commercial acts. Soon, there wont be much commercial music to protect with DRM because the users’ attention will be on the deluge of self-published brilliance that is starting to gush forward.

A bigger issue, perhaps, more than perhaps, will be when the Time’s Person of the Year starts releasing everything they do on the Internet… what about THEIR digital rights? How will UGC be protected? … will it be protected? This is currently in the hands of sites like youtube and flikr etc. etc.

And more importanty for me, how will handle this? ….

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