hmmm … Amazon to sell DRM-free MP3s!

Apparently, Amazon is looking at selling DRM free mp3s… starting Q1 2007 …. rather soon.

This is HUGE news …. this is really big …. because, as I have long said, as soon as the world realises that there is as much if not more DRM free music out there than there is DRM handicapped stuff, then there will be a huge shift towards it.

So how exactly is this going to work? You might say, “well, why cant I download the tune instead of paying for it” … to which I would say … “sure, where are you going to download it from?… how many millions of sites are there out there?… where’s the tune you want?”. Its simpler just to download it, pay 20c (yes, Amazon will offer variable pricing), and copy it and give it to all your friends.

Amazon, I tell you, are onto it. Amazon’s range of webservices is very clever. S3 to buy cheap online storage, EC2 to buy cpu cycles, Fulfillement to handle the annoying bits of running e-commerce sites … etc. etc.

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