VRM instead of DRM

There is an argument for reversing the relationship between music consumer and supplier… where it is the clients who manage who they get their content from instead of the vendors trying to manage what clients do with their products. Doc Searls writes this up.

I’m not convinced. If I understand correctly, the concept is about putting the control back into the hands of the consumer … “a customer-side angle on solving the problem of providing value on the one hand and limiting abuse on the other”

The idea of putting the control back into the hands of the user is right… but one has to remember that it is already in the hands of the user, because the user can go and download illegal music if they get sick of DRM tricks… and I belive that illegal music is here to stay, and it will only get easier to find, download and use. So I would say that we actually need to find a way for the artists to be paid for their effort, and assume that the work will always be available free.

I am convinced this is possible. Free to air TV solved this problem. I’ve got a scenario in the next post.

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