New license suggestion “its free as long as you download it from here”.

What if the ‘cost’ of a piece of music was making sure it was downloaded from only 1 particular site. That could potentially drive huge amounts of traffic to that site… and if that traffic was ‘monetised’, then the artists’ income could be derived on how many page hits his/her tune generates.

Lets say a particular tune is downloaded 100,000 times. What would be the equivalent average Google advertising revenue for those 100,000 page hits? Assuming a 1.2% click through rate (internet standard) and a $0.63 payoff per click-through (average for google ads), then for a 30 day month, that would generate a revenu of 100,000 x 30 x 1.2% x $0.63 = $22,680.00. Lets skim 20% off that for overhead etc… and that leaves $18,000.00 per month (that’s 3400 downloads per day) or  an income of around $0.18 per tune…

I dont know exactly how that could compare with commercial sales… (can anyone tell me?).

I am using google advertising as a guide for how much a page hit is worth. But google advertising is only one option for generating income from page hits. There would be other options, such as selling MP3 players or some such …

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