Amie St. Is this the future of music distribution?

Imagine a site where you can download DRM-free music, where artists can upload tunes AND make money from them, and where you can get paid to pick the tunes which you think are really good.Its already here …  Amie St.

Its interesting … they have a model where the more popular a particular piece is, the more money it is worth. Everything is free to start with. This is actually excellent because it encourages people to look for the new free pieces of music which will become good…. and by doing this, they make sure that these good pieces of music become un-earthed quickly. Its a way of ensuring quality. And if the piece is really good, you get paid for it.

It is worth noting, however, that there are still paid downloads. If a piece reaches a certain amount of popularity, then it costs pretty much the same as the pieces on, say, itunes. In this sense, the revenue model is a kind of hybrid old world/new world.

I dont want to pay to download music. If I think that if the artist is good they should be paid, they should get some of my money… but I dont want that money to be channeled through some Apple site, or some huge global coporate old world distribution pipe or whatever. Its between me and the person who makes the music.

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