Passing revenue of a web site onto the users (WIKIA).

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, launched a new WIKI style encyclopedia a few months ago.  Its called WIKIA and it is a commercial site.

Associated with WIKIA is OpenServing. I recently discovered OpenServing when I was looking for free WIKI spaces on which the Ambisonic community could document its wealth of knowledge.

But that’s not the interesting thing. The interesting thing is that OpenServing says that it says:

“Here’s a bonus: keep 100% of the ad revenue for yourself.”

All you need to do is give them your Google Adsense ID and they will pump all the advertising revenue from that wiki into your account. That’s great … pump the cash back into the users and that will reward them and hence engage them further.

But the big question is where will OpenServing get its revenue from? I can understand passing on a proportion of the advertising revenue onto users … but all of it? Is that not unsustainable? I suspect that Jimmy Wales is smarter than that and has things up his sleeve. We’ll find out.

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