Ambisonic vs Consumer surround (5.1 etc.)

So now are exciting times, because Ambisonic Bootlegs’ potential audience is about to expand by several orders of magnitude.

Currently, the surround sound audio files are only available in Ambisonic format. Given that there are very few sites on the Internet which offer files in the Ambisonic format, I can safely assume that out of all those who are capable of playing back ambisonic files, maybe 50% have downloaded something from ambisonicbootlegs.

The most downloaded piece on ambisonicbootlegs has been downloaded 97 times.. lets say 100 times. So I’m going to say that there are 200 people with ambisonic playback rigs out there.

How many people are there with Dolby 5.1 or DTS playback rigs?… I’ve dug around a bit on google but I’m finding it hard to come across any serious figures. Does anyone have any numbers they know of? ….

Anyway, lets say it is 1,000,000 people. Lets say I can pull 1% of those people to ambisonicbootlegs (on the basis that there are very few sites which offer surround sound files for download) … that’s an extra 10,000 visitors, and downloaders. And, ofcourse, they will be very impressed by the quality of the audio of ambisonicaly produced recordings… so they will come back. That is a dramatic increase in traffic. … exciting times!

…but, er, its not done yet …. gotta go and do some work.

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