42 million homes with a home theatre

… and that is only in the US, according to this article. For arguments sake, lets double that figure (to include the rest of the world)… and round it off to 100 million.

Ambisonics cant, right now, access that market. Ambisonics has a potential listenership of I reckon around 200. (I think many more people read and write ambisonics … I refer to the engineers… but they use it as a means to an end … with the end most often being stereo (I believe)).

Anyone (well, I’d say the majority) who has heard Ambisonics is usually blown away …  it is a far more ‘immersive’ experience.

So lets say that ambisonics raises its profile… that’s a huge marke. If we can tap into that market, generate some revenue to continue production of good surround music, then we can save the world! … we can achieve world peace!…. imagine that.. I can see the headlines now “Ambisonics achieves world peace!”

Ok, ok, … I’m getting carried away.

Lets say that  Ambisonicbootlegs aims to get 1 DVD-A into 0.1% of that market within 1 year. The DVD-A’s are sold on the site (they dont exist yet, but hopefully they will soon). That’s a total of 0.1% x 100,000,000 = 100,000 DVD-As.

If each DVD-A is sold at around USD12, that will put around USD5 back into the community (per DVD). So selling 1 DVD-A to 0.1% of the home consumer market will generate USD500,000. Assuming there are 25 contributors on the site, that means each contributor could earn around USD 20,000 in that 1 year.

How realistic those figures are, at this stage I dont know. But lets not hold back.

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