ISP went down … for 3 days!

On Friday, at around 3pm Sydney time, my ISP ( ) went down, and stayed down until monday (3 days later).

I was quite seriously astounded that an ISP can go down for 3 days! I rang their emergency help line, and they said that they were under new management and that due to holidays, they were not taking any new business till 10 feb (that’s 1 week later than the day I rang). They said they would answer emergencies for people who left a message. I left a message…. and then an other one 12 hours later, then an other 24 hours later etc.

They never rang me back. On monday, I spent 2 hours trying to call their offices. When I eventually got through, the person asked “how can I help you?” … to which I answered “I just wanted to know the status of your service” … to which he answered something about being down a bit on friday. At this point I got a little irritated and expressed aghast … he said I’ll put you through to technical support. And then he either hung up, or made a mistake trying to put me through.

I gave up. The internet was connected again, but the server was not up. They had changed my (contractually static) IP. I have now re-routed all my domains to the new IP…. and I can only pray that the IP wont change. I did a search on whirlpool and found out that some people had found out that supernerd was changeing their backbone connection.

My recomendation: stay away from supernerd! … why? because:

  1. Their service went down for 3 days which is totally unacceptable (3 hours is unacceptible)
  2. They gave no warning. They changed their backbone connection, and did not give any warning that the service might be interrupted.
  3. They dont return calls. I must have left around 6 messages on different numbers, and I still have not had any returned calls.
  4. It took 2 hours to get through to their support people on the phone… who then hung up on me! (maybe it was a mistake, but you dont make these kinds of mistakes in these situations)
  5. They changed the static IP allocated to me… and did not tell me.
  6. They have some kind of message on their after-hours phone number about people being away on holidays. This inspires complete lack of confidence!

This is the result of supernerd’s 3 day downtime (the visits on the 3 down days come from my internal LAN visits) server_down.jpg

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