Weekend intensive Part 2

Today, Sunday, I am starting the restructuring of the site so that the automatic encoding of all Ambisonic files to a 5.1 compatible format can be done. This is actually a huge task. Here are some of the initial tasks:

  • Migrate all the content to Amazon S3 (this will mean faster downloads, and I wont have to maintain a tracker anymore)
  • Build an uploader to S3 (cant use torrents to submit anymore since S3 cant act as a peer subscriber (shame!)). I am building this in Ruby, whith a GUI in TclTk. The uploading will be done via Amazon’s REST API, and the AmbisonicFile entry on the site will be submitted via XMLRPC which Zope understands well. There’ll be Python code to write in there as well, since Zope is written in Python.
  • Update the Zope Object database (ZOBD) to handle the fact that AmbisonicFile can now have several different files associated with it (Ambisonic, 5.1, etc.).
  • Work out how to get download stats from Amazon S3, and update the ZODB … aggregate the downloads of different file types for each individual recording, to make one big ‘total downloads’.

… and I haven’t even started the encoding to 5.1 yet! …urghh

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