What the business execs dont get is that music is about sharing… music is social.

DRM is stupid because it gives people a bad user experience. What many people dont realise is that DRM just restricts what device you can play the tune one. That is NOT the big issue that the big music execs will soon need to face.

Lets say we get rid of DRM … I’m still not allowed to give my friend a copy of a really cool tune I purchased…. no …. for them to have it, they have to purchase it as well.

The big issue is that people will always want to share music, and attempting to stop them from doing so will cause friction. So imagine if I go to some online store, and I buy a tune for 20c…. instead of getting 1 copy, I get 5 copies! I have 4 copies to share with my buddies. I am very happy, because I get to share my music around. I email my buddies, and say, “I bought you this great tune, you can go and download it here: http://www.itunes.com/792jnwue95”. They go there, and get served some advertising that partly covers the cost of the extra 4 copies. Everyone is happy.

Trying to sell someone a piece of music and not allowing them to share that piece of music with someone else is like selling someone a large Pizza and telling them they are not allowed to share it with anyone (at least, that’s what it ‘feels’ like to the consumer). Music is social.

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