Podcasts are not quite there

I’ve finally got my act together and I’m now subscribed to 5 podcasts. 3 are audio, 2 are video (using Juicereceiver).

New Audio and Video material published on these podcasts is automatically downloaded and placed in a folder called ‘podcasts’ that I can eaisly access from my desktop. When I have time, I go through the contents of that folder.

But I’m not confortable with it because:

  1. I have to perform  ‘cleaning up duties’ on that folder to delete  old stuff
  2. its not obvious what is ‘old stuff’ … or what I have consumed and what I have not
  3. I could use Juice’s built in ‘delete after x days’ feature but then I have no idea what I have missed out on and I would have to go to the web to see if there were any podcasts several days ago that got deleted that I might actually be interested in. (So why dont I just go straight to the site?)

It almost feels like I want all my podcast content to be presented to me in a 1 hour (TV like) slot. Something that would automatically compile and index all the audio and video for that day, and present it to me in a summarised and ordered way … so I can choose to flick past, or watch/listen to it…. and then delete the whole lot once I have ‘consumed it’

The problem is that I dont have time to watch/listen to everything, but I want to know what it is that I didn’t watch/listened to (and then I want my harddrive kept clean).

So I’m going to try Fireant and getDemocracy … which I think have better podcast presentation interfaces.

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