Corporates get user experience ..its about sexyness!

NO! .. no no no no. it is NOT about sexyness. Well, sexyness is a part of it, but its a small insignificant part.

They see customers get excited at a sexy dashboard… and some kind of penny drops.. ‘wow, now I see that user-experience sells”… bugger that the customers wont understand anything after they have bought the ‘sexy dashboard’.

User Experience is about empowerment. When a client sees a dashboard and they see dials on it, they think… “oh, these dials will tell me what is going on, this is good, I can make better decisions”. Little do they know that the dials are ‘skin-deep’. The dials communicate ’empowerment’ (because of their association to a Porshe dashboard), but they only deliver image.

Dials come from an analog world. There are a hundred better ways of digitally communicating some metric than faking analog-world instrumentation.

Establish exactly what information the client needs to see to make a more informed decision… and work on presenting that information within a rich contex. All information should be contextualised. For example, if the average (of some metric) for this week is 34%, you also want to know what it was last week (did it go up or down?), what it was this time last year, how it has been trending, and what other metrics is this metric related to.

but you dont want to communicate all that info using 12 dials. It all has to be gaphically presented in one picture  (because it _is_ one picture). Doing that is difficult. It requires the skill of established graphic/user interface designers… get a good user-interface /graphic designer. A developer wont be able to do the job, a graphic designer student wont be able to do the job.

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