Twitter and project management

I think has huge potential as a project management tool.

If all the members on a team ‘twitterred’ when they changed from one task to an other… then this information could easily be sucked up into an application and spit out reports on how much time was spent on what.

For example, if I wanted to keep track of the time I spent developing ambisonicbootlegs, all ‘d have to do is send a twitter message whenever I started something, then send an other one saying I’ve finished. … then later on, I could grab all that info and produce some kind of report that might show me that I spend most of my time reading other people’s blogs rather than developing.

Its also a good way of having IM ‘logs’ … actually, I reckon that’s one of the best applications of twitter… as a very easy logging mechanism.

All you’d need to do is have some kind of regular expression string detection mechanism that could categorise each Twitter message into a category. eg. “trying to debug AWS-S3 on windows” could be agregated as time spent debugging … by the recognitiont of the text ‘debug’.

hmmm.. lots of possibilities here.

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One Response to Twitter and project management

  1. Alec Satin says:

    Hi Etienne,

    Just stumbled upon your website – nice!

    This is an excellent idea for twitter. If you decide to follow up on it somehow, let me know.


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