Google, dont be evil, please give the interest you are earning from my (withheld) adsense revenue to charity

So, at the moment, it looks like it will take 1 year to reach the $100 minimum Google Adsense payment. You see, Google wont send you your earnings until you reach a minimum of $100.

Now, Google currently owes me about $10. That $10 belongs to me, not Google. But Google is benefiting from the interest earned from that $10.00. And it will keep benefitting from that interest until I reach $100.

All the Internet hobby sites (the majority on the internet) that host Google adsense will be in the same boat as me… relatively small traffic, will take ages to reach the minimum $100.

So just how much money is Google collecting just from the interest in unpaid adsense payments? Well, lets say there are 10 million hobby sites that use Google Adsense… and will take 1 year to get to the minimum earning of $100.

Lets say those hobby sites are currently averaging $50 in earning. Over 1 year, that’s 500 million dollars that Google is holding, until each site reaches the minimum payment of $100.

At an interest rate of 6%, that would mean that Google is making $30 million dollars a year, just in earning interest on money that does not belong to them!

Google, dont be evil, give that money to charity… it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to me, and I request that you give it to charity.

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