The Sursound lists’ biggest mistake

If the Surround Sound email list (called sursound) publicly published all the archives of its email conversations, I reckon ambisonics would be far more popular today.

I see this as being one of the biggest ‘mistakes’ the ambisonics community has made. It hides all of is own discussions, effectively obfuscating ambisonics and inhibiting open discussion outside of a restricted 400 person email list.

This fact baffles me to this day. I dont understand why they do this.

Google ‘ambisonics’ and you dont get that much (well, the list increases every day). It makes one think that nothing much is happening, just a few pages on some university site or a some amateur mic made here and there… a few software libs. In reality, there has been daily heated debate, discussion and advancement on ambisonics… all documented on the sursound list.

Why is this list closed?

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