Generating revenue with… status update

2 posts ago, Oli asks the question … how do I intend to make money from Ambisonics…. good question. I’m not 100% sure.

Ultimately, the aim is to create a micro-economy where the public can have easy access to lots of Ambisonic recordings and the contributors can earn money from their work. If the contributors are paid for their work then the activity becomes sustainable. Contributors can afford to create more work and the public will have growing range of work to listen to.

The question is where is the money coming from… the proposed answer (at the moment) is:

  1. publishing Audio CDs and selling them on the site (sharing the revenue with the contributors who have pieces on the CD)
  2. selling gear that is related to the recording and play-back of surround-sound (sharing the revenue with the contributors by ‘most downloaded this week’ style of logic)

The point is that it is the contributor’s work that brings people to the site, so the contributors should see revenue irrespective of how the revenue is being generated.

It might take me 6 months to organise the Audio CDs. It would take me longer to organise selling surround-related gear.

What will I do in the mean time? This is the difficult part.

This is what I am thinking right now:

  1. Google ads (which is bringing me about $5-10 per month… not yet enough to cover server costs)
  2. Paypal ‘donate’. Offering a mechanism for users of the site to donate money to further the development of the site
  3. Sell ambisonia/ambisonic T-Shirts. T-shirts with the Ambisonia logo, or the sound-evolution graphic on it.

I dont really know how much money 2) and 3) would bring in …. I would guess not that much…. but in these early stages, any amount would be a help. I can only find out by trying. Both 2) and 3) would not take that much effort to implement, so it is probably worth the effort.

If anyone has any ideas/comments/suggestions/thoughts please dont hesitate to put your 2c in.

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2 Responses to Generating revenue with… status update

  1. Nick Mariette says:

    hi Etienne,
    is ambisonic bootlegs / ambisonia a not-for-profit organisation?
    if so, what constitutes not making a profit?
    i.e. what are the reasonable costs that can be paid without considering the revenues to pay them as profits? – just server costs? your time? your living expenses? etc?

  2. no, ambisonia is not a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

    Its a hobby that I would like to dedicate my full-time attention to. I think it is very very important that ambisonia be turned into a _business_ with a decent cash flow. This is waht will clinch its long-term survival and sustainability.

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