“Climate change” vs “global warming”

A few months ago, I was astounded to hear in a documentary shown on TV (SBS) that it was a ‘communications consultant’ called Frank Luntz who had suggested/introduced the term ‘climate change’ to the US administration. The purpose, ofcourse, was to remove the threatening tone implied in the words ‘global warming’ … Luntz suggested that the best way to rebut the science of global warming was to change the language and use the words ‘climate change’.

The astounding thing is that now all those who take ‘global warming’ seriously are using the term ‘climate change’, probably unawares that this was a language introduced to rebut their very concerns.

To me this really demonstrates the power of the combination of language and reach. It is scary that one individual can peddle public perception simply by changeing the language associated with a topic. Ofcourse, it works both ways … except, for the ‘citizens of the world’, we must all cohere to change the language.

So, please, lets lose the words ‘climate change’ and revert back to the more aptly descriptive term ‘global warming’.

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