Ableton and Cycling74 partnership

I see this news as being potentially very very good for ambisonics.

My setup for authoring ambisonics is Ableton Live connected to PureData… I do all the composing/sound design in Ableton …. and all the tricky ambisonic processing in PureData. But the integration is kind of crap… because I need to control X/Y/Z positioning using MIDI .. and editing 3 channels of 1 dimensional MIDI data is kind of irritating.

If Ableton and Cycling74 (authors ofMAX/MSP … same concept as PureData) hooked up with a strategic partnership, that could mean a clean integration of the difficult to use but powerful object-patcher style of software, with Ableto’s philosophy on ease of use … now that is potentially exciting… bring it on!

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3 Responses to Ableton and Cycling74 partnership

  1. j45ch says:

    that case you should check out the icst ambisonic objects for MaxMSP



  2. do you know if that project is still under development? I’ve got first reflections and difuse reflections in my PD ambi patches … which are good for adding dimension and spatiality to sounds.

  3. Simeon says:

    Not sure will work with ableton cause it only produces a stereo output. Please correct me if I am wrong

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