Ambisonia detail page design option A

ambisonicfile_view_design_1.jpgI have no training in graphic design… but I’ve been doing all the graphic design on I’m getting better at it, I learn mainly by copying sites which I think do things well. The top of the front page is essentially a copy of

… and then I go through hundreds of little iterations of modifications, trying, throwing out, choosing, tweaking. It is actually very difficult and sometimes progress can be really slow.

My conclusion is that achieving good design is difficult and very time consuming. The attached screenshot is for the current state of the ambisonia detail page… not happy with it yet.

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One Response to Ambisonia detail page design option A

  1. Sasha says:

    😉 i have a bad habit of always second guessing every graphic i make i need others to let me know if its good and i usualy need someone to let me know what they want to see and i can make what they want but i usualy never know quite what i want ;p

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