Web 2.0 widget dilemma

I’ve been looking at ratings widgets. I need one on ambisonia.com because currently people see the most downloaded section as a measure of whether something is good or not. But people cant judge whether a recording is good or not until they have downloaded it.. so it is potentially misleading feedback.

I’m lookingt at  spotback, js-kit, and there are others.

What happens if one of these companies goes bust? …. do I lose all the rated data? hmmm .. that’s a concern. Coding up one of these rating widgets would take me ages and ages. Integrating js-kit would take me 30 minutes… so easy.

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One Response to Web 2.0 widget dilemma

  1. khris says:


    Thank you for considering JS-Kit widgets as a way to enhance your blog!

    Allow me to answer your concern about a potential loss of data:

    1. We are developing several methods for sites to get access to their data including an XML feed. If you have suggestions or would like to be part of our beta test of this solution please let us know.

    2. It is our personal commitment to our users (and company policy) that we will give you advanced notice if we determine that we will be unable to maintain the service. You will have the chance to collect your data – period.

    Also, please check out our lastest widgets Ratings & Polls with more to come next week!



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