Detail page design complete

… and you can check it out here. I’m _almost_ happy with it.

I also created an Ambisonia button page for anyone who wants to link to

AND .. I also implemented the JS-kit ratings widget which is actually very impressively implemented. It is astoundingly simple to embedd, and is very customisable. For now, I recommend the js-kit widgets over the spotback widget which takes a lot of setting up (you might call it over designed).

You’ll notice on that some people may not realise that all you need to do to vote is click on the widget… I have to make that clearer.

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3 Responses to Detail page design complete

  1. Daniel says:

    JS-Kit rating widget is very nice, but it does not have all the options that the spotback widget provides. For example, there is a recommendation box and top stories in he spotback widget, which from my experience increase page views.
    I think you’ll enjoy it too if you’ll give it a try.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    now what you say is very interesting because I think it lies at the heart of the concept of ‘user experience’… Here, the user is the developer integrating the widget.

    Out of 5 features offered, lets say I want 3 of them. There are 2 solutions, one which offers me those 3 features, and other which offers me all 5.

    The 3 feature offering is really easy to implement (JS-kit), the 5 feature offering requires a few more lines of javascript, setting dates, encoded URL’s etc.

    I pick the 3 features because it is easier… and it is all I need anyway.

    But hang on! JS-kit also offers a comment + ratings widget.. which I dont need. But guess what? … I’m going to implement it simply because it is so easy to do.

    My point is that it is not about the feature set … it is about how easy it is to implement/integrate the widget. Once integrated …. THEN it is about the feature set.

    Make it very easy, then pile on the features.

  3. khris says:


    The JS-Kit Team appreciates your taking the time to evaluate our widgets! As important, we are honored that you are trusting a part of your sites experience to our services.

    We certianly agree with your observation about piling on the features set — to that end we will be releasing two new widgets this week 🙂

    Btw, thank you for your suggestions on new widgets. I will get back to you shortly with a release date on your new widget!



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