Wikia confusion … and openserving

A while ago I applied for a WIKIA wiki. The aim was to put up an ambisonics wiki so that the community could document anything they wanted to, and also share it with the world.

Its now almost 4 months since I applied for this wikia wiki, I still dont have it, and I’m utterly confused. I also have the impression that no one is there, at Wikia. is the wikia I applied for. You’ll notice that Wikia  space doesn’t exist.

So now go to the wikia request form where you first have to check if a Wikia space exists. In the form, type ‘ambisonics’ and hit continue.

Now you get a message saying that the Wikia already exists!  And you are urged to go visit it…. the url is: But go to thet URL and guess what?… you get a page saying that this URL does not exist.

hmmm…  anybody there?

Then last week I get an email saying that my ambisonics Wiki on openserving is ready to go. Openserving? … who is that? I only applied for a Wiki space on Wikia, not Openserving.  On the bottom of the above link page, there’s a link saying ‘About Wikia, Inc. Ok, so, Wikia and Openserving are related.

Then I spent about half an hour trying to create a page on the Openserving wiki… and gave up in frustration.

I emailed the Openserving people (replying to the email they sent to me to announce that my space was open)… and they still havn’t answered my email in a week.

So when I hear news like ‘Jeremie Miller, the designer of Jabber is joining Wikia I’m not sure what to think…

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2 Responses to Wikia confusion … and openserving

  1. Angela says:

    I’m sorry for the confusion caused. You’ve found a bug in the requests system where it thinks a wiki exists just because a page about it does. In fact, there wasn’t a whole wiki for Ambisonics. Instead, there is a mini-wiki on Wikia’s Scratchpad Wiki Labs site at

    Perhaps this one was the wiki you were looking for?

  2. Hi Angela,

    I’m impressed at your vigilance! I suppose you must be running a search on technorati to see which blogs mention Wikia.

    Actually, I wan’t looking for the scratchpad wiki space. I was trying to work out who Openserving is … and why they have offered me an ‘approved’ openserving space. So now there’s 3 wikis on the table… there’s the scratchpad one, the Wikia one, and the openserving one.

    That said … I just re-checked the openserving email I got, and it says:

    “Congratulations! The Openserving site you requested has been approved, and will be available at in about 10 minutes.”

    its a ‘site’ not a wiki …. and I have no memory of requesting an openserving site.

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