April stats, one email and traffic doubles


This is the stats on ambisonia.com from the last month. On Monday night I sent an email to the sursound list about renaming the site to ambisonia.com … and that effectively doubled the traffic (now for around 4 days).

Its very enlightening following the habits/patterns of Internet ‘crowds’ move and react to different forces.

The one thing I have realised is that traffic spikes occur quickly, then die over around 4 or 5 days. I dont know if there slow increase in traffic on the site is due to the remnants of these spikes, or just a general increase. I suspect it is a general increase.

If I was really organised, and managed to deploy 1 new feature a week, then potentially, the spikes might grow into each other and build real traffic. But I’m holding off trying to push the site into the big wide world until it is easy for anyone to play the content on their home theatre.

That’s probably  a good 4 weeks away… until the DTS wav stuff and binaural stuff is ready.

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