To adsense or not to adsense

I’ve now been using adsense for almost 3 months, so I’m getting a handle on what it is worth to me. I’m currently earning around 10USD per month with it. This is not enough to cover the server costs, let alone my mortgage!

So I’ve been researching what I need to do to increase my adsense revenue. The obvious one is simply more page impressions. You’ll notice that I also put the adsense ads on the details page of … check them out here. This should theoretically double my earnings from 10 to 20USD (which is around 1/2 my server costs)… lets wait and see.

The bulk of the adsense research I have read indicates that you have to make the adsense ads appear to be as similar to the content of the page as possible. Arrrghhh. That means the aim is to somewhat ‘trick’ the audience into seeing an add and clicking on it. Now that bothers me.

But at the same time, I have to live!… I have to monetise the site so that I can work full time on it. So here I am, in a poetically contradictory scenario, where I am considering attempting to trick my audience into clicking on more adsense ads, so that I can survive. Is this the beginning of the commercial corruption of my endeavour?

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