new concept for a category ‘surround recording ideas’

I dont know why I didn’t think of this before … I’ve long wanted to have a repository where I collect ideas for surround recording, and posting them as blog entries categorised under one title is a perfect way to do it.

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One Response to new concept for a category ‘surround recording ideas’

  1. crispin14 says:

    It seems that almost all the surround snapshots are taken (recorded) by placing a soundfield mike in a fixed position and recording the events around it.

    How about recordings where the microphone is in motion?

    The first idea I imagined was a large dance floor at one end an orchestra plays a waltz, maybe Ravel’s La Valse, and the microphone is held by one couple who waltz around the room, twirling as a couple and also circling the room with other dancers. Now the soundfield is in motion within a fixed environment like the experience of dancing.

    How about a sound field mike riding on a ferris wheel or on a carousel? With the ferris wheel, the mike would pick up the sounds of a fair or amusement park alternately getting closer and farther (really good with height). The carousel might give a good experience for horizontal surround.

    How about a bike cycling on a smooth (not too noisy) surface that leads to an underpass where the echoes suddenly increase and then back to outdoors where there is little or no reflected sound?

    Another possibility is a soundfield mike riding on an amusement ride that goes through a tunnel and there are historical or scary displays.

    How about a soundfield mike mounted in a sled belly flopping down hill and hearing the snow on either side being pushed away by the blades?

    Ok that’s enough for today. One of these days I got to get me one of the mikes.

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