To Binaural or not to Binaural

There’s something I’d like to discuss a bit …. ambisonia will offer DTS-WAV decodes very soon… and I’ve also advertised Binaural.

The DTS-WAV files will still actually be ambisonic technology…. they will just represent an ‘already decoded to square’ option.

The binaural, however, is an other technology altogether, and due to the front-back confusion, it is also arguably a drop down in surround experience.

The advantage of Binaural is it is immediately accessible… straight out of the browser window. People cant hit play, and get a feel (and hopefully some excitement) for how the recording might sound.

But I’m wondering if the binaural files should be offered for download, or just offered as in-browser listening. I’m thinking that perhaps, offering the binaural download might mean people will just download that and not make the extra step towards proper surround.

Then again, not offering binaural downloads will mean blocking out a huge audience….

I’m undecided about this … any comments?

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2 Responses to To Binaural or not to Binaural

  1. Hudson Fair (HudSonic) says:

    I am in favor of having binaural and having the choice to listen in the window or make a download. This, accompanied by a primer on binaural recording/listening, will engage a number of listeners to explore further.
    We are involved in orchestra recording. Each concert is recorded in stereo as well as 24/96 binaural. The result is quite good.
    I don’t know if it is OK to post a link to the orchestra’s website here, so I will stand by for advice on that matter. Binaural is a simple and
    effective introduction to new spatial listening models. Thank You!

  2. Hudson … please post a link to anywhere!

    I posed the same question on the ambisonia list … and bascially got the same reply as your suggestion… everyone wants binaural as both download _and_ in-browser listening.

    So I’ll put it in… right now I’;m doing the DTS decode…. after that I’ll hit the binaural decode.

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