Rodent attack on ambisonia

rodents_eating_cable.jpgThe little buggers chewed through my telephone cable.. and brought down for an unknown length of time.

Took me ages to work out that it wasn’t the ISP, it wasn’t the carrier, it was a mouse!

Really gotta get some commercial hosting…

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3 Responses to Rodent attack on ambisonia

  1. Dusan says:

    Get yourself some cat :))

  2. Nick says:

    bluehost: offers some pretty amazing value for money, though i’m not sure about full torrent hosting… the other way might be a colocation server where you can run what you want.

  3. the ideal host would let me just walk in with my machine and plug into the ethernet … the problem is Plone is very expensive in RAM (its mem hungry) so hosting Plone packages tend to be expensive, but now I’ve also got the Forum and the Wiki.

    Migrating all that onto a new server will take me a couple of weeks…

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