Spam on the forum

oh no! … there was a spam thread posted on the forum this morning (I deleted it).

darn …  I was hoping that vBulletin would  protect me from these things (out of the box).

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2 Responses to Spam on the forum

  1. Yes, and there is yet another one about drugs on there.It is clear that the only way to prevent this is that registrations first need to be approved by the administrator. This is not a nice solution, but the only one.

  2. yes … so I have to do some admin tasks on both the forum and the Wiki. Its officially on my TODO list …

    The other thing is that ideally I would have a ‘single sign-on’ solution, that would mean that with 1 account and 1 sign-in you could access all 3 sites (ambisonia, wiki and forum).

    Doing that is very difficult, I’ve done some professional work on that in the past, and solutions are usually complex. … anyway, I’m going to look into that one as well.

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