Language/technology tally, or, SND vs Ecasound revisited

I’ve now discovered that you can’t really compare SND and Ecasound, simply because SND encapsulates a full blown programming language…. which I have started to learn, and am hence embarking on ‘steep learning curve number 2,753’.

Scheme is the name of the language. I had never heard about Scheme until around a week ago, but I have to admit that since I realised that semi-colons “;” were the comment delimiter, my scripts are executing much much better :-P.

So now, let me iterate over all the different langauges/protocols/technologies that are being used in

  1. HTML
  2. CSS (Stylesheets on the HTML)
  3. XML (used everywhere)
  4. Javascript (rating system, google maps, etc.)
  5. Python (for the plone CMS)
  6. Ruby (for the Uploader (in early stages))
  7. XML-RPC (so that Ruby can talk to Plone)
  8. RSS (podcast)
  9. Bittorrent (downloads)
  10. XSLT (for extracting download counts from the Torrent Tracker log page)
  11. Scheme (audio transcoding scripts)

… and that’s not to mention all the server side configuration files and their custom syntaxes, like all the Apache configuration files. Luckily, I have been vigilant since the first days of building and I have made copius notes of everything I have done.

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