Google, the worlds data and despotism.

Google’s mission statement is to ‘To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Are traffic patterns part of ‘the world’s information‘ ?

Collecting information on how traffic moves on the Internet, who that traffic is, why they are there, how long have they spent there, where are they from, what did they searc for etc. is like collecting power.

.. and wealth! By knowing who goes where and when, Google can serve advertising that is so well targeted, that it works. For example, if there was an add for a tetrahedron microphone on Ambisonia’s google ads column, many people would click on it. The better the targeting, the more likely the effect.

So Google’s mission statement has a built-in highly successful business model.

What will happen when a situation arises, for Google, where ‘organizing the world’s information’ will cost more than the revenue it can generate? 

My prediction is that Google will go for the money instead of furthering access to the world’s information. All sorts of rhetoric, spin and ultimately legals will be semi-consciously forked out wash over the fact that Google is more interested in pulling in money than anything else. But Google itself, and its employees, wont realise till years down the track that it has surcumbed to despotism.

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