Ambisonics and Second Life

I’ve been having a brief discussion about integrating Ambisonics into Second Life with some of the ambisonic community. I dont know if Second Life incorporates surround sound capabilities, but there’s no doubt that ambisonics is very well suited to virtual worlds.

Ofcourse, Second Life is a scary concept in many ways. I’ve been trying to ignore those and think of how Second Life could be seen as a platform for delivering Ambisonic surround sound… and I think tere is an opportunity there.

Here’s an exert of that conversation:

> I’d rather get ambisonics going in the One Real Life than any Second Life!

but that’s exactly it …. if you got surround sound going in Second
Life, it is identical to getting it going in Real Life …. you are
still sitting in a room with 6 speakers all around you, listening to
an excellent experience…

The difference with Second Life, is you have a computer screen in
front of you, and you can see (on that screen) who else is listening
to the piece with you … in real time .. and you can chat to them.

You could say that it adds a ‘social’ dimension to listening to
ambisonics…. instead of us all listening to these recordings by
ourselves in our rooms …

(I’m not arguing FOR Second Life … I’m just thinking aloud. I have
read many reputed ‘internet visionaries’ discuss how Second Life is actually an excellent platform … more than the scary other things… and I’m trying to think how that could fit. I think the above example as a point).

I think its interesting … I think it could work.

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2 Responses to Ambisonics and Second Life

  1. very interesting indeed … I’m going to look that up.

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