Idea for Amie street like business model

All recordings go on the site as free downloads to start.

When the recording is submitted, the author ticks a check box to say ‘include this piece in the premium service’.

If the recording reaches a 5 star rating (or 4.5 or whatever) with a minimum of lets say 10 or 20 ratings, then it automatically gets moved into the ‘premium service’, which is either a subscription model or pay per download model.

This means that those who download early get everything free (so it is still possible to get all recordings free), and act as a kind of natural ‘quality management’ system…. where the better content rises to a commercial distribution model. This would encourage and increase
early downloads (since they’d be free).

But I dont know whether the commercial model should be a subscription model (pay $10 / month and get everything on the site) or a pay-per-download model (which would be much harder to implement).

Actually, it is very similar to the model … and I think there should still be CD’s on offer for those who dont want to have a computer dependent experience ..

Perhaps there could be 2 or 3 different kinds of models:

  1. Subscribe for $10/month … have access to all the recordings that have been rated up (that others can no longer access)
  2. Subscribe for $15/month … receive an Audio CD in the mail that has all of that months’ best rated recordings
  3. Purchase one off Audio CDs for $15


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2 Responses to Idea for Amie street like business model

  1. Anatoli says:

    Nice to see that you didn’t stick to Underpants_Gnomes business model:

  2. crispin14 says:

    Just some thoughts on your building a business model.
    An initial model has to have a publicity and advertising component: something that will reach out to technical fans as well as audio consumers.
    In my retirement job, I work in a Mac Reseller store. In that capacity, I’ve connected with the local Apple user club as well as a cross platform movie club.
    Organizations of this type see to be an ideal initial target. If we have a “presentation” to give at a club meeting maybe in conjunction with a soundfield microphone manufacturer, we can talk about recording to computer in the easiest way to get a professional result without an engineering degree.

    In most communities there will be university or community theatre, opera and other performing arts groups who give concerts. Ambisonia related “club members” could make their equipment and expertise available to record performances and where possible add video. They could advise the audience that a DVD will be available of the performance. Given that a part of the audience are relatives and parents of performers, there is a natural market.
    Of course the DVD could include information that the sound was recorded in ambisonics and build future business connections from that.

    Sales of the DVD, either as a real disk or as a password encoded torrent would benefit the performing organization, the club member who recorded the concert, and Ambisonia for administration and post production.

    I think if you build a good case for a model like this one of the hardware suppliers might provide a “club” price on a simple microphone and any related hardware to convert the mike signals to usb or firewire.

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