Silly Test results

In the previous post, you could say that I ‘spammed’ Google with the keywords Google trends has published as hot.

The results are conclusive.

The WordPress blogstats on search terms that led to page visits:

kanesa hopkins 5
kare 11 3
rosie elizabeth may 23rd 2007 1
what is a revenue model 1
suround test audio 1
itunes bittorrent podcast 1

That’s a total of 13 visits from bogus keyword usage. Not a hell of a lot … but the total hits for the ‘Silly Test’ blog post has so far been 16 (and 2 of those are from my mother).

That means that spamming google has quadrupled my blog visits… and that only 1 person reads this blog. 😛

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3 Responses to Silly Test results

  1. RodeoClown says:

    Of course, that doesn’t reflect people reading via RSS etc…

  2. yes that’s true …. including the wordpress ‘blogstats’, there’s 2 people reading this blog … you and someone else.


    nah, I’m joking, there’s actually 29 readers reading the blog, and so far today there’s been 60 reads of various blog posts (incl ‘silly test’)

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