Silly test.

In my morning’s surfing session this morning, I came across Google’s trends’ ‘hot trends‘ page.

It lists words that are hot in engine searches.

So here is my little trick… my little test. I’m going to include a whole bunch of these search terms in this post, and see how many hits I get.

I’ll report on the results tomorrow.

The following paragraph wont make much sense:

Rosie and elizabeth are the hotest trend at the moment. Not to mention joya williams who has nothing to do with wcco. Apparently, lots of people want to download the lost finale, which doesn’t have sam vincent in it. Who the hell is monica goodling, and I am _not_ going to google for kare 11. I dont know what real world casting is and I dont care. What’s a national geographic bee? Who is kanesa hopkins and does she have anything to do with rosie odonnell, who I am sure is not related to the tyrian king nor 23andme which sounds like a web site where they advertise house party 4.

There. Lets see what traffic that pulls.

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2 Responses to Silly test.

  1. Nicholas says:

    National Geographic is written by a swarm of small indigenous bees who’s natural environment is under threat from invading giant African bees. Kare is like Sake, a small alcoholic tipple you have at about 11 o’clock. And Rosid, Kanesa & Tyrian along with twenty others are going to join you in watching the Lost finale. Isn’t it obvious?

  2. Nicholas, I do believe you have increased my hits in Google… with yet more relevant information!

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