Time management is the hardest thing.

I’m now entering my 6th week of full-time solitary work on ambisonia. I have done a lot in that time, but the key milestone is still not out… and that is: conversion to DTS and binaural.

The conversion to DTS is held up by waiting for people to download and listen to the DTS-CD image. I need to get some feedback as to which passage on that CD has the best localisation (best sense of space).

Anyway, I’m finding that time management is by far the hardest thing. Prioritisation is no problem, I can easily see what are the most important things to get on with… but time management is difficult. It is so easy to get distracted by things like:

  1. emails (email communication takes hours)
  2. reading other people’s blogs (necessary but can go on for hours)
  3. surfing (I might do a search for something, then one hour later I realise I’ve been heavily side-tracked)
  4. unknowns, like bugs in SND, compilation errors on Linux, spam on forum and wiki, administration on dozens of aspects of the server.

…and being held up. I’m constantly being held up… waiting for someone’s response on a list (like a bug or something), waiting for people to test things, waiting for feedback … its time like these that commercial software would be a huge benefit (except I cant afford commercial software). With commercial software, I could get a response from the supplier so that I could keep moving.

Anyway, time management is that most difficult thing.

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