Stop, dont download that file, I need a new tracker.

Well, something is wrong somewhere, and that 5.1 file I put up (in the previous post) is simply not downloadable.

I suspect that the reason is that the server is not seeding the files properly.

The more torrents ambisonia serves, the worse the performance of the python tracker (it crashes). Currently, the python tracker is crashing around once every couple of days.

So I am going to upgrade  my tracker to a solid highly-scalable C++ tracker that uses an SQL database (instead of just a flat file system) to store stats and stuff. Its called XBT and it will take me probably about a week to install properly.

I need to do this. The poor tracker performance has been niggling at me for months. And now that we are soon going to quadruple the number of torrents being served (4 per Ambisonic file instead of 1 per Ambisonic file), I think this is an urgent upgrade.

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