on Milestones.

Last week, I almost completed the DTS conversion milestone, where all content on ambisonia.com is automatically translated to DTS.

Then I  discovered that all the files I had converted and published were wrong. There was an echo in the sounds, and the result (for anyone who downloaded and listened to them) was bogus … mess.

Lesson number 1: too much testing is never enough.

Lesson number 2: insufficient cash flow always has consequences. Unfortunately, I still dont have a surround system setup in my new house … fault of no income from working on Ambisonia full time. But skimping here is hurting Ambisonia, the thing which I am skimping for. It just doesn’t work. There has to be some kind of income to sustain the effort. Ok, so I need to get a decent surround system set up again… I have to bite the bullet and be done.
Lesson number 3: I’m not sure what this lesson is. On Friday last week, I woke up thinking today was the day I would sign off on the DTS milestone … all I needed to do was start pumping all the amabisonic files through the DTS converter script. I checked my email and found several reports of bad DTS conversions on the 4 or 5 files I had done and uploaded…. that really drained me. Being so close to the milestone, then discovering that its all gone pear shaped and there’s still some significant work to be done resulted in a bit of a black hole in my energies. It is now Tuesday and I’m only starting to swing again.

Maybe the lesson is the 80/20 rule … the last 20% takes 80% of  the time. ….or… maybe the lesson is that you should never anticipate the milestone until you are on the other side of it… or maybe the lesson is just that this is difficult and you just have to suffer through the hard times.

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