Productivity drops when you are manager and producer.

This is still the hardest thing.

Working by yourself, at home, on a project where you are manager and producer, without any clients, and not earning money … is very difficult.

I’ve just done 1 day’s payed work. During this one day’s payed work I think I was about twice as productive as I am whilst working on Ambisonia. Why?

Here are some theories:

  1. I wanted to hurry up and complete the work so that I could go back to working on Ambisonia,
  2. The deliverables were well defined so there’s little potential for time-wasted pontificating,
  3. I wasn’t ‘manageing’ the effort, so there was no possibility to question and restructure as I was working.

I think that’s the problem. When you produce _and_ manage you tend to constantly question and restructure the deliverables according to what you know is and isn’t important.  I’d say this is an advantage _and_ a disadvantage.

How can I overcome this?

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2 Responses to Productivity drops when you are manager and producer.

  1. crispin14 says:

    Dear Ettienne:
    I’ve worked for many years as a senior manager and as a consultant to businesses.
    I feel you need to define your goal with Ambisonia. In business it’s called a “mission statement.” It is a way of looking at a business that simultaneously looks at the benefits to the customer conferring benefits to you.
    In your thinking you may be too narrow: you like to write code and work with audio files, and that may put blinders on you versus the bigger picture.
    You may want to ask yourself: “If Ambisonia succeeds, who, in addition to the members and consumers of the music, will benefit.
    I expect that you will see a number of nascent players who might benefit. These could be hardware or software makers. As you identify these potential players, it will benefit you (and them) for you to bring them into the picture to support in cash or kind what you are doing.
    It all starts with that “mission statement” and your taking a step back to see the bigger picture.
    I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Crispin 14,

    BTW … I’ve earmarked your previous comment on ‘Idea for Amie street like business model ‘ …. for further discussion… I’ve been meaning to get back to you to discuss that further.

    I think you do have a point about my having ‘blinkers’ on WRT who else might benefit other than the contributors and the consumers.

    I have to say that I dont enjoy writing code that much :), I’ve been doing it for too long. What I _do_ enjoy is building the community, and building the site.

    Who else can benefit from other than the producers and the consumers? … I think I’ll blog post that.

    What is my mission statement? … I’ll blog post that as well.

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