Mission Statement

What is the Mission Statement?

Now this is a tricky question because I’m not sure the Mission Statement should relate to me personally or relate to as a business or what. I’m going to offer a bunch of them, and let them simmer down to one over time. I’ve created a new category ‘mission statement’ for blog posts, and I’ll make the Mission Statement an ongoing line of thought.’s (potential) mission statements are:

  • For Etienne Deleflie to make money doing something he enjoys.
  • To create  a micro-economy around Ambisonics so that the whole ambisonics community’s efforts can be ‘sustained’.
  • To deliver the potential of ‘Surround Sound’ to consumers (who really only have access to surround in movies and post-produced rock albums)
  • To create a portal, perhaps a ‘one stop shop’ for anyone who wants to listen, publish, or buy hardware (?) for surround sound.
  • To peddle the surround sound industry (?)
  • To build a ready audience so that Etienne Deleflie can easily distribute his own surround sound compositions to a large group of people (yes, this is actually the initial motivation for building ambisonia 🙂

Ambisonia is not really about pushing ‘ambisonics’. I was interested in surround sound before I discovered ambisonics. In my research on surround sound, I discovered this format and its vibrant active community… and realised that this was by far the best format to work in even though it didn’t have any commerical support. Ofcourse, whilst ambisonia is not about pushing ambisonics, ambisonics and its ‘spirit’ is a significant part of ambisonia.

So I assume that I can have only 1 mission statement … and the above are probably a way off the mark. Its a start.

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One Response to Mission Statement

  1. crispin14 says:

    I like your last stab at the mission statement; it just needs to be abstracted to a larger realm. Here’s my stab with the understanding that it also needs work:

    To build an audience that has superior discrimination for audio quality and the pleasures it can impart.

    The audience will include producers and consumers. We all have to invite our friends to hear the best recordings and make them no longer satisfied wth stereo and synthetic quad. We want them to lust after music and soundscapes that bristle the hair and send shivers down the spine.

    Our audience will want to capture real soundfields when they take home videos and expect it from commercials films and television.

    If the hardware suppliers are in the audience they will facilitate the building of the product. You need to give them a structure to reach that audience while at least paying a “toll” to ambisonia.

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