DTS vs Ambisonic

So once the DTS conversions are done (should be within 24 hours of writing this), the interesting thing will be to watch  what is the proportion of downloads of DTS to ambisonic.

If the DTS files have more downloads, then we know we are accessing a different group of people… people who might not have any ‘ambisonic’ knowledge at all, but can burn a CD.

There’s a couple of interesting questions here:

  1. how long will it take for the DTS downloads to pick up (i.e. for non-ambisonicly educated listeners to find the site)
  2. what proportion of non-ambisonicly educated listeners will discover and turn to the ambisonic versions of files.

… ofcourse there’s also the popularity of the stereo files which, from initial observations, will be significant.

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2 Responses to DTS vs Ambisonic

  1. crispin14 says:

    The challenge will be to get people who do not know about ambisonics to visit the site. Those of us who visit the site regularly need to publicize it to friends and acquaintances.
    Some ideas:
    Friends and colleagues.
    Computer, audio, and movie making clubs.
    Entertainment newspapers who have either a music columnist or a real audio electronics feature.
    Radio stations whose websites offer interesting links. (CBC Radio2s morning show has a weekly feature from their web-goddess).
    My retirement job is working in an Apple Mac Reseller; many of our customers are film-makers. I’ve been talking up ambisonisc and will send them links when the site has a good “welcome page.”

    The welcome page needs some really easy instructions for downloading the dts files, burning them to dvd/cd player friendly media, and speaker set-up.

    The limiting factors will be the number of people who are set up to play DTS on their home systems. Many set-ups are connected with stereo analogue plugs, as not many people are savvy about digital connections by copper or fibre.

    The site will need a good primer on getting the gear right before trying to play the files.

    The migration from DTS will require easy readily available decoding hardware that is “wife friendly” (that does not put a pc tower and a tangle of cables in the living-listening room).

    I suggest that you put out some requests for help in creating some of the instructional materials for the site.

  2. yes, the next phase involves creating a page describing exactly how to access the DTS recordings … speaker layout, etc.

    I wont annouce DTS around the place until that page is clear and easily accessible.

    I also have to document the DTS podcast … and perhaps also hoe to use Juice or azureus to subscribe to it …

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