How does it sound in surround (dot com)

I was just surfing around and came across a site called Will It Blend which apparently gets HUGE traffic.

Its actually a marketing gimmick … where a blender company periodically blends all sorts of things to show how powerful and good their blender is. They do very stupid things like blend an iPhone. Actually I think it is a brilliant idea.

… and it translates extremely well to a surround sound site called … a site which records all sorts of silly things in surround sound. Would be excellent to demonstrate/advertise/market a new surroudn sound microphone product…

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3 Responses to How does it sound in surround (dot com)

  1. crispin14 says:

    Now that I’ve started listening to files (since they are available in DTS), to my surprise, I’m finding that I’m enjoying the environmental recordings as much as the music (which I love). These environmental sounds are like photographs that you see with your ears.

    When you see with your ears in surround sound it’s like having experiencing the fourth dimension.

    There images can have size and height and distance, but they also encompass the idea of time.

    Maybe put the gallery pictures in their own section of the site and advertise something about 4D or see with your ears or something else.

    Members here have to do some brain-storming about what would be a good hook to get viewers.

  2. crispin14 says:

    More. Maybe some of the sound snapshots need to be really “rad” as the kids may still say. Something like experience a bungy jump with your ears. Or make a recording inside one of those cars that safety agencies fill with dummies and simulate a head-on collision.

    I think if there were a few sound files that were really “viral” it would get the site circulating on the broader cycles of e-mails the way utube videos go around. People visiting might stay and check out some of the other files.

  3. crispin14 says:

    When I was in university and Zen Buddhism was the rage, Zen masters would ask in serious tone, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

    A site might be called, (to be shorter than,

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