Too many ideas, too much work, not enough resources.

So far, I have done everything myself. The graphic design, the web design, the interface design, the application programming, the system administration, the support, the marketting, the DSP scripting, the database administration, the product management, the creative directing, the bla bla bla.

That’s my style, I’m a bit of a jack of all trades… and I’ve always asked myself “why get someone else to do it when I could probably do it myself?”. But is this a good strategy?

I’m starting to realise now this strategy results in a large drop in productivity, and a subsequent significant slowing of the development of the site.

I’ve always though that I dont want financial investment / venture capital… because I dont need it (I can do everything off my own back). But I’m starting to realise that attempting to do everything is only slowing down the development of the site.

It is so clear to me right now what are the next steps in developing the site… but it is going to take me 6-10 months to do it myself. If I had an extra 50-100K to play with, I could probably get all that stuff done within a couple of months _and_ have 6 months left over to push the site even further.

The question is, will the value of the site be more than the finances spent in 6 months… compared to what it would be worth without the financing? I dont think that question can be answered without a business model to define ‘real-world’ figures

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