Finally a good TODO list application!

I was playing around with RememberTheMilk for about 4 weeks, trying to see how it could work for me as a time management tool.

I have to say I was impressed with its implementation .. the whole Web2 thing, lots of fast in-page updates, Gmail integration, Widget for iGoogle etc.

But after using it for 4 weeks, 2 things relaly frustrated me:

  1. cant reorder the tasks
  2. cant have nested tasks

Not being able to reorder the tasks was especially frustrating, because I like to have a strict plan as to exactly what I will do on any day. The stricter the plan, the more likely I am to get it done. Sure they have priorities, but there’s only4 priority levels, meaning that you can only ever have 4 tasks in the right order.

Not having nested tasks is also difficult. After reading up on good time management practises, I learnt that tasks have to be the right size… they have to be bite sized executable chunks. I find that the first registration of a task is a large blob of work… and that I slowly want to break it down into those bits sized chunks of executable tasks.

And 1 hour ago, I discovered TODOist. So far, it is everything that I want.

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