Ambisonics in Google

When you type ‘ambisonics’ in Google, you get the standard list of websites that the ambisonics community maintains.

When you type in ‘Surround Sound’ … you’d expect not to see much or anything about ambisonics, given its relatively obscure standing in the consumer surround space.

But both Martin Lesse’s site and Richard Elen’s appear on the second page of Google results (for ‘surround sound’). That’s a very high profile for some significant ambisonic sites in the general domain of ‘surround sound’.

… and I’m happy to see that is now on page 10, where-as about 2 months ago it wasn’t even in the top 40 pages.

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One Response to Ambisonics in Google

  1. Martin says:

    Richard’s and my websites have been around for a while. As more people link to Ambisonia then your rating will improve. One day you will be a famous as me and Richard 🙂

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