Forum thread on the ‘real world’ difference between AC3 and DTS on doom9 forums

I started this thread on the forums to see what the doom9 people thought about the use of DTS (as opposed to AC3) for distributing ambisonic content.

One thing that I have noticed about the Doom9 people is that they have a heavy favouritsim for AC3… and I wanted to work out why.

The reason for this favouritism is interesting. Basically, practically all DVD players can spit out AC3 as analog stereo straight into a TV but few can do that with DTS... what that means is that DVD players tend not to have hardware DTS decoders.

The Doom9 people are quite focused on manipulating movie DVD’s so their expertise is very audio-visual focused.

The question is what is the implication on this for Amabisonia?

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3 Responses to Forum thread on the ‘real world’ difference between AC3 and DTS on doom9 forums

  1. Martin says:

    Depends what you want. The advantage of DTS is you can burn it to an audio CD. The advantage of DVD-Video is that *all* DVD players can play DVD-Video. The problem is that DVD burners are not as common as CD burners. So, take your choice.

  2. there’s also the people who use their computers to play DVD’s (on disks or in file format) …. and they tend to heavily favour AC3…. I think essentially because there are more (free) processing tools for AC3… and better scenarios for people who can only play stereo.

    … and we are not necessarily interested in the stereo scenarios.

  3. MartinOi says:

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