Doom9 forums (and should the ambisonia list be migrated to the forum)

I’ve been taking advantage of the Doom9 forum’s ability to track how many people have read a particular forum post to note how many of those readers actually followed the link back to

The statistics say that ambisonia has had 39 visits from the doom9 forums. The doom9 forums  say that my forum posts were read 496 times. That’s a click-through rate of around 8%.

The doom9 forums are actually very good forums. Lots of people with a lot of knowledge, sharing and discussing freely.

I’ve had a few moments of thought, where I’ve pondered whether it would be better or not to have the ambisonia list (which is currently on Yahoo) migrated to the ambisonia forum. The problem is that some people really dislike forums, and some people dislike mailing lists…

This would also be a good way to pump up the traffic on the Ambisonia forums. It would be great to get all the experts on the ambisonia list to hang out on the forum because “beginners” find it much easier to ask questions on forums compared to the sursound list (which is kind of intimidating).

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