I’m reading “The E Myth” by Michael Gerber

… and I’m loving it.

Its a bit like “how to do create a business for dummies” .. and it kind of reads like Alan Carr’s famous “Stop smoking the EZY way”… i.e. it really spell it out.

What Gerber says is really resonating with me … he says that in any business there’s the Technician, the Manager and the Entrepreneur. Most businesses are started by a Technician and businesses will only survive if the Technician is held under control by the Manager who has to serve the vision of the Entrepreneur.

The good news is I’m sick of the technical side of things (I would _love_ to hand that over to someone else). I think my nature is much more as an Entrepreneur, although I have little discipline and I need to encapsulate a vision into a ‘business plan’. I have some management skills in that I have managed small teams of ‘technicians’ and I am aware about the need to align the technician’s understanding with the bigger plan, and maintain the technician’s enthusiasm in his/her work.

But I need to define what the business is, from a high level, so that the management and technicians can follow the vision. I’m working on it 🙂

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