Ambisonia Mantra

I’ve been trying to put the finger on what Ambisonia is about … I’m trying to come up with a ‘Mantra’ … not the mission statement, but rather the tag line that appears under the wprds ‘Ambisonia’.

This is difficult.

The mantra that I currently have is “The Next Generation Surround Sound by the enthusiasts for the home theatre“. I dont think it is good because it half aims at the Home Theatre people, and half aims at the producers… and neither is really accurate.

The mantra I have for the next-generation design (which I am currently working on) is “listen, discuss and publish ambisonic surround sound“. More accurate, but definately lack-lustre.

So what is Ambisonia about? …. I actually _know_ what it is about, because I’ve been building it… but I havn’t been able to nail it, to ‘wordise’ it….. however, I’m getting closer 🙂

I decided I would try pure sincerity … what is Ambisonia about to me? …. its about a creative potential. Its about how surround is a huge new untapped medium that represents all these new exciting creative possibilities.

So my current ‘mantra’ that I’m throwing around is “get creative with surround sound“. I like it…. I like it, I like it … it is telling people that they CAN get creative with surround sound … and I think that’s a big puller, and that is actually what drives me in doing all this …. its the creative potential of ambisonics … and ambisonia is the crystalisation of that creative potential.

That mantra also appeals more to the producers who are, in reality, the true Ambisonia community. And those who dont produce, dream of producing …. and I want Ambisonia to be a fascilitator for people to explore the creative potential of surround sound.

That’s it! … that’s my ‘honest true to god’ guiding motivation for building Ambisonia! ……. Ambisonia is a fascilitator for people to explore the creative potential of surround sound.

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